What sets inflooens apart in the mortgage industry is that it’s the only platform that brings loan originators and vendors together on one platform.

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inflooens offers real-time operational insights and lets you

  • Discover referral partners with realtor insights, plan partnerships, and track efforts.
  • Manage partnerships with a guided planner and timeline view.
  • Foster relationships with live production and health dashboards.
  • Set and monitor goals using a comprehensive partner dashboard.
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Discovering and Managing Target Referral Partners for Lead Generation

Real-time insights for successful lead generation by identifying ideal referral partners.

  • Find referral partners using realtor insights and filters.
  • Automatically link MLS activities to loan officers’ production.
  • Simplify duplicate management with an intuitive interface.
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Action Plan for Success

All-in-one partner pursuit toolkit, designed to make the process more efficient, informed, and successful.

  • Proactive relationship-building planner
  • Categorize leads using MLS data to identify top prospects.
  • Receive real-time partnership updates and inactivity notifications.
  • Access insights through the activity timeline.
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Nurture Relationships

Acquire, maintain, and strengthen connections through regular communication, appreciation, and support.

  • Real-time dashboard partner for management
  • Performance-based organisation using live production metrics
  • Boost wallet share and partnership value.
  • Partnership management with a versatile activity planner
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Set Goals and Monitor Progress

360° view, including robust goal-setting, monitoring, and referral status reporting.

  • Real-time goal tracking
  • Access a 360° partner network view for informed decisions.
  • Referral status reporting for insights and improvements
  • Automate and streamline routine tasks.