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Past Issues

  • November 2022

    In With inflooens

    This month we officially launched our inflooens platform at MBA with an interactive, full-size game of “Life”.

  • October 2022

    Meet our Inaugural inflooenser

    Enjoy our recent Interview with Mardi Clark, Director of Operations at TruHome Solutions, LLC.

Mardi Clark

Director, Operations Analysis at TruHome Solutions, LLC

Inflooens will transform literally every aspect of daily work. There is no more guesswork. There are no more hidden details buried in disjointed systems. Inflooens will transform the quality and efficiency of communication with borrowers and third-party providers.

Fun facts about Mardi
  • Her favorite hobbies are Volleyball, Travel, Live Music, LEGOs & crafting with her kids
  • Binge-watching Schitts Creek on repeat
  • Her dream vacation is coast-to-coast Costa Rica
  • Rooting for the Chiefs & Patrick Mahomes
What excites you most about inflooens?

I’m most excited about how happy our employees will be to have these amazing tools and features available to them – to allow them to communicate better, close more loans, and overall be able to work smarter and not harder.

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