Collaboration, Transparency, and 50% Efficiency Gains Across Loan Origination

Mortgage loans power homeownership. inflooens simplifies the loan process, offering automation, collaboration, and transparency for processors.

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  • Empowering underwriters with dynamic tools
  • Better loan closures with auto-verifications, dynamic tasks, and smart notifications
  • Efficient operations with configurable workflows, training integration, and notifications
  • Real-time performance monitoring to enrich borrower data for marketing transitions
  • Manage multiple loans for a borrower
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Manage, View, Collaborate, and Celebrate – All in One Place

Ditch file-by-file loan origination for efficiency, responsiveness, and adaptability through instant, interactive insight.

  • AI-powered portfolio visibility into loan insights and milestone monitoring
  • Visual Loan Health Tracking
  • Manage multiple loans for a borrower, fostering repeat business opportunities.
  • Access all loan details in one place for streamlined management.
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Inexpensive Loan Processing

Optimized workflow automation framework for maximum loan processing efficiency.

  • Streamline loans with automation, user-friendly interfaces, and collaboration.
  • Customized workflows and checklists
  • Centralize application lifecycle and documents for seamless management.
  • Receive the best next step recommendations automatically.
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Seamless Integration, Dynamic Tasks, Automated Conditions

A powerful toolkit to streamline your lending operations that empowers your team and boosts efficiency.

  • Achieve bi-directional data integration with Encompass for efficiency and hyper-automation.
  • Tailor tasks to loan journeys, milestones, teams, or programes for efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate conditions with Encompass.
  • Efficiently track and reduce manual work
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Client Centric Processing

Put borrowers at the heart of your lending experience with transformative features for communication and documentation.

  • Omni-Channel Communications and Audit Trail Transparency
  • Elevate borrower experience
  • Integrated email templates
  • Uniform communication
    throughout the loan journey
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Improved Scalability and Visibility

A unified user interface for Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) and processors, promoting consistency and efficiency.

  • Customize tasks for smoother loan journeys, milestones, workflows, or teams.
  • AI-driven tracking and alerts for issue resolution
  • Simplify loan-related document handling
  • 40% reduction in cycle times and a 50% increase in productivity