Cutting Tech Costs by 50% with inflooens’ System Consolidation

Today, in the ever evolving mortgage industry, what is challenging is managing multiple systems, each catering to a specific aspect of the mortgage value chain. Not only does this cost you a lot of money, but it also results in inefficient workflows, isolated processes, and missing holistic insights.

The cornerstone of inflooens’ disruptive approach lies in consolidating the entire mortgage value chain into a unified system. By leveraging the robust Salesforce platform, inflooens seamlessly integrates borrower-facing Point of Sale systems, Referral Partner Management solutions, Lead Management, Marketing Automation, and Loan Process Automation. This consolidation eliminates the need for multiple standalone systems, streamlining operations and drastically reducing costs.

Unveiling the 50% Tech Cost Reduction
The financial impact of inflooens’ System Consolidation is nothing short of remarkable. By replacing disparate systems with a single-pane-of-glass UI, This isn’t just a cost-saving measure; it’s a strategic move towards operational excellence.

How it Works: A Task-Based Workflow
Traditional loan origination systems often limit users to one loan at a time, resulting in a linear and time-consuming process. inflooens redefines workflow with a task-based approach, allowing multiple users to collaborate concurrently. This introduces exponential efficiencies, accelerating the loan origination process and enhancing overall productivity.

The Approach
The impact of inflooens’ System Consolidation extends far beyond cost reduction. It equips lenders with a strategic advantage in the competitive mortgage landscape. With a unified platform, lenders gain unprecedented visibility into every stage of the mortgage lifecycle, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering a customer-centric approach.

Let’s explore the Key Components Driving Savings:

Borrower-Facing Point of Sale (POS) System:

The borrower-facing Point of Sale (POS) system elevates the borrower experience within the mortgage journey. From the initial application submission to document uploads, the POS system is designed to reduce friction, enhancing overall satisfaction. The POS system’s innovative approach to parallel processing transcends traditional linear methods in mortgage processing empowering multiple users, including loan officers and processors, to work concurrently on different aspects of the loan application.

Referral Partner Management:

On the inflooens platform, lenders are equipped with tools to identify high-potential leads, track referral sources, and allocate resources for maximum impact paving way for a refined and efficient lead acquisition process, ensuring that lenders focus their efforts where they matter most.

The platform offers a centralized communication hub such as automated updates and notifications unifying all stakeholders, including lenders and referral partners, on the same page enhance communication, strengthening relationships, and elevating the effectiveness of the referral network. Lenders can leverage the Referral Partner Management solution, to increase conversion rates through targeted interactions.

Lead Management and Marketing Automation:

Inflooens’ Lead Management and Marketing Automation solution helps in analyzing customer behavior, demographics, and preferences through advanced data analytics enhancing the efficiency of lead targeting efforts.

Automation plays a key role in streamlining customer engagement and outreach saving time and resources and also ensuring consistency in messaging. Personalization is one of the key factor throughout the customer journey from targeted communication to customized offering potential borrowers the education and understanding their needs increasing the likelihood of converting leads into closed loans.

Loan Process Automation:

Integration with the Inflooens’ Loan Process Automation seamlessly integrates with existing Loan Origination Systems (LOS), is one of the winning factor for inflooens preserving legacy investments without the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul. This overlay brings advanced automation, task-based workflows, and parallel processing, enhancing the capabilities of LOS without disrupting established systems. Another winning factor is the task-based workflows that transform the traditional linear approach in loan origination. Users can now work on specific tasks concurrently, eliminating bottlenecks, accelerating processes, and providing greater flexibility in collaborative efforts on loan applications.

Revolutionize turnaround times where multiple users can work on different tasks simultaneously thereby reducing processing times, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a swift and responsive experience for borrowers.

50% Reduction in Tech Costs through Streamlined Processes:

Under inflooens’ unified platform, lenders can experience a remarkable 50% reduction in technology costs achieved through streamlined processes achieved through eliminating redundant processes, optimizing resource allocation, and the consolidating the tech spend. The result is a more economical and sustainable technological ecosystem, directly translating into substantial cost savings for mortgage lenders.

Enhanced Productivity:

Parallel processing is the new norm transforming how tasks are managed in the mortgage workflow. multiple users, including loan officers, processors, and underwriters, effectively collaborate and handle various aspects of loan applications simultaneously accelerating processing times and creating a more productive and dynamic work environment.

Improved Customer Experience:

inflooens goes beyond basic engagement. create meaningful connections with your borrowers. inflooens brings your loan origination process from customer acquisition through loan closing behind a single pane of glass UI using the Salesforce platform as the technology backbone. transform loan officers to be the financial guides of the mortgage industry, who educate, create goodwill and elevate borrower experiences.

Emphasizing efficiency, inflooens’ parallel processing and task-based workflow significantly reduce loan processing times facilitating faster approvals and closings, offering borrowers quicker turnaround times.

Strategic Advantage:

inflooens introduces the first end-to-end solution for the mortgage industry, positioning itself as an industry innovator. Lenders adopting inflooens gain a strategic advantage by embracing a revolutionary platform that addresses the entire mortgage value chain. Lenders not only benefit from cost savings and efficiency gains but also align themselves with a forward-thinking partner.

Begin your transformational journey with inflooens today!